Hydroponic System

This design uses 3d printing to encase a 4 inch net pot inside a cube. The ceiling in each cube is vaulted to provide strength to the net pot walls. Along with a net pot, the design features integrated plumbing located within the top part of the cube. The pluming leads to 2 spouts creating a drip type hydro system. The floors in each cube are slated towards the center to encourage water flow through the outlet holes. Included in the project are 3 STL files which differ depending on the location of the outlet holes. Using all 3 STL files will allow you to daisy chain the pots as shown above. The design has been tested with Hydroton but supports many different growing mediums.

Key Features

- Supports 1/2 inch NPT water fittings.

- 4" x 4" encased net pot.

- 6" x 6" x 6" growing chamber.

- Accommodates many different growing mediums.

- Printed without supports.

Project Statistics Per Pot


Used Filament ( m )


Used Filament ( g )

2d 14h

Print Time


Purchase Includes

3 STL FIles

1 PDF Printing Guide

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