Stackable Planters

Building an eight tiered tower from these 3d printable planters will allow you to grow 24 plants in a 1ft x1ft x 4ft space. They can be used on top of a 5 gallon bucket or directly on the ground. Using a bucket will create a reservoir, storing rainwater and runoff from the planters allowing you to insert a water pump and connect to the intergraded irrigation. It is recommended to use a 1/2in barbed to garden hose adapter if you wish to place the towers directly on the ground and use the integrated irrigation. Each planter has a drainage hole that lines up with its support to create a channel for the water to flow back into the center of the tower. Providing extra support to the planters and a boosting plant growth are 1/2in neodymium magnets that fit into both the planters and center tower.

Project Statistics (1st Tier)


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2d 5h

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11 STL FIles

1 PDF Assembly Instructions
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