Smartphone Cooling

Using your phone or tablet in desktop mode can increase your devices temperature and decrease its performance. This design will lower the temperature of your device as well as maintain this lower temperature during heavy use. The design uses two 40mm fans to push air through an aerodynamic chamber designed to direct the maximum amount of air through a heat sink. The fans are powered via micro USB with a MT3608 voltage step module. Included in your purchase are 3 STL files and a set of assembly instructions. There are a number of parts required to complete the build. A list of these parts can be found at the bottom of this page.

​Key Features

- MT3608 supports 5v, 12v, 24v fans.

- Stable temperatures during heavy phone use.

- Higher FPS on smartphone gaming in desktop mode.

- Use with Laptops, Tablets, Cameras and other electronics.

Project Statistics


Used Filament ( m )


Used Filament ( g )

19h 35m

Print Time


Purchase Includes

3 STL Files

1 PDF Assembly Instructions

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