Filament Enclosure

Filaments can absorb moisture over time. When filaments are heated, the moisture can create tiny air pockets while traveling through the hot end. This can reduce the quality of prints and even cause failures. This enclosure is designed to reduce the moisture level in your filament before it enters the printer. Each corner piece features a removable foot which allows you to insert packets of silica. As the spool rotates in the enclosure, the silica packets will absorb the moisture inside the filament. This will also reduce the amount of waste from a filaments shipping material as a spool normally comes with at least one packet of silica.

​Key Features

- Improve the quality of prints.

- longer filament shelf life.

- Supports most 1kg spools.

- Magnetic feet for easy access to silica packets.

- Filament guide holes on each side.

- Reduce the waste from filament shipping materials.

Project Statistics


Used Filament ( m )


Used Filament ( g )

2d 7h

Print Time


Purchase Includes

4 STL Files

1 PDF Assembly Instructions
1 PDF Printing Guide

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