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Free Stl Files


Tool Storage

This tool storage project is designed to keep small screwdrivers and hardware within reach. The screw driver mount is designed to hold up to 5 screw drivers while the hardware cup is designed to separate two types of hardware and can be removed from the stand for easier access.


Modular Floor Registers

These Modular floor registers come in three different styles that feature angled vents, shoe drying and block off caps. The shoe drying style comes with a large and small air diffuser to accommodate a majority of shoe sizes.


Dog Head Dryer Knob

Dryer on/off knob featuring a low poly dog head. Knob attachment is based off GE dryers.


Plant Trays

These plant trays can accommodate up to 5.5" nursery pots but can be scaled to virtually any size. The raised ridges in the center of the tray allow for even runoff while watering your plants.


Cable Storage

This design allows you to wind up your cables for organization and storage. Insert one hand into the inside ring to hold it in place. Attach your cable and rotate the outer ring to wind up the cable.


Filter Wall Mount

This design allows you to mount a HEPA (intake) or Carbon (exhaust) filter to your wall.


Wood Rod Wall Mount

These mounts are designed to accept wooden rods with a diameter of 1 3/8". The center mount is to add stability for longer rods.
Hardware Used:
1" flat head wood screw #8.


Hotshoe Flashlight Adapter

Adapter ID is 30mm.
Design Hardware:
M3 x 0.5mm x 20mm socket head screw
M3 x 0.5mm Nut

Ducting Accessories


These ducting accessories are designed to give you more control over the airflow in your indoor grow tent. The air disffusers will change the airflow from a vertical to a horizontal flow and diffuse the air evenly in the grow tent. The Exhaust has bar mounts on all 4 sides. Each mount accepts one zip tie which will allow it to mount flush on bars up to 2 inches in diameter. Simply scale up the designs if you wish to use them with larger ducting.


Moisture Meter

Using Arduino, a capacitive sensor and 2" OLED screen this meter allows you to take precise moisture readings of almost any growing medium.


140mm Fan Mount

This mount is designed to accept one 140mm PC fan. The fan is powered via micro USB with a MT3608 voltage step module. The 3 piece design makes it easy to print on almost any size printer and does not require supports.


Smartphone Cooler

Using a phone or tablet in desktop mode can increase the device's temperature which in turn will decrease its performance. This design aims to transfer this increased thermal load into the air through a heat sink mounted in a 3d printed aerodynamic chamber.


JoyCon Controller Grip

The design of this controller uses a shape similar to the Xbox controller for that familiar comfort while using your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

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