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Tool Storage

This tool storage project keeps small screwdrivers and hardware within reach, with a screwdriver mount that holds up to five screwdrivers and a removable hardware cup that separates two types of hardware for easy access.

Plant Trays

These plant trays can fit nursery pots up to 5.5" and can be adjusted to various sizes. The raised ridges ensure even runoff during watering, promoting healthy plant growth for indoor or outdoor gardening.

Wood Rod Wall Mount

These parts have been specifically engineered to accommodate wooden rods that have a diameter of 1 3/8". The central part serves to enhance stability for longer rods.
The hardware utilized in this setup is a #8, 1" flat-headed wood screw.

Moisture Meter

This advanced meter utilizes an Arduino platform, in combination with a capacitive sensor and a high-resolution 2" OLED screen, to provide precise moisture readings of virtually any growing medium, facilitating more accurate and informed cultivation practices.

Modular Floor Registers

Modular floor registers in three styles with angled vents, shoe drying capabilities, and block off caps offer versatile options. The shoe drying model has a dual diffuser system for various shoe sizes.

Cable Storage

This design provides an efficient solution for cable organization and storage. By inserting one hand into the inner ring to stabilize the apparatus, users can securely attach their cables and proceed to rotate the outer ring, effortlessly winding up the cable.

Hotshoe Flashlight Adapter

Adapter ID is 30mm.
Design Hardware:
M3 x 0.5mm x 20mm socket head screw
M3 x 0.5mm Nut

140mm Fan Mount

The mount is designed to hold a single 140mm PC fan, which is powered through a micro USB connection utilizing an MT3608 voltage step module. Its three-piece design makes it a breeze to print on almost any size printer, and no supports are required, further simplifying the printing process.

Dog Head Dryer Mount

This dryer on/off knob boasts a distinctive low poly dog head design, with a mounting point attachment specifically tailored to fit GE dryers.

Filter Wall Mount

This design facilitates secure wall-mounting of either HEPA (intake) or Carbon (exhaust) filters, providing flexibility for users seeking effective air filtration.

Ducting Accessories

These ducting accessories provide complete control over airflow in your indoor grow tent. The air diffusers convert vertical airflow to horizontal and evenly diffuse air, while the exhaust easily mounts to bars up to 2 inches in diameter zip ties. To use with larger ducting, simply scale up the design.

Smartphone Cooling

This design utilizes an aerodynamic chamber and heat sink to dissipate the increased thermal load caused by using a phone or tablet in desktop mode, improving the device's overall performance by preventing overheating.

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