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3D Printed PC Fan Mount with Micro USB Power Connection and MT3608 Voltage Step Module - No Supports Required

140mm Fan Mount

Home 3D Printer Enclosure with 2"x4" Studs - Accommodates Two Printers and Stackable for Enhanced Printing Efficiency

3d Printer Enclosure - XL Wood Frame

Air Diffusers and Exhaust Attachment for Indoor Grow Tent Airflow Control - Ensuring Even Air Distribution and Easy Mounting on 2-Inch Diameter Bars

Ducting Accessories

Versatile Wall-Mount Design for HEPA or Carbon Filters - Enhancing Air Filtration Flexibility

Filter Wall Mount

Irrigation Ring in Multiple Sizes (1/8in, 1/4in, and 1/2in) with Recessed Barbed Fittings, 6 Spouts on Exterior and Interior, and Ground Spike for Stability - Support-Free 3D-Printable Design

Irrigation Ring

Advanced Moisture Meter with Arduino Platform, Capacitive Sensor, and 2" OLED Screen - Provides Precise Moisture Readings for Informed Cultivation Practices

Moisture Meter

Outlet Shelf with Sliding Removable Door - Combines Outlet Box Functionality with Small Shelf Convenience, Maintains an Organized and Visually Appealing Environment, Secured with x1 M3 Screw and Nut

Outlet Shelf

3D Printable Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi Foundation 7-Inch Touchscreen Case - Sleek Wall-Mountable Enclosure for Space-Saving and Aesthetically Pleasing Design

RPi 3 Touchscreen Wall Mount

 3D Printable Case for Raspberry Pi 4, HQ Camera Sensor, and Pi Foundation 7-Inch Touchscreen - Compact, Durable, and Functional Enclosure, Full Port and Function Accessibility

Raspberry Pi 4 HQ Camera Case

3D Printable Frame, Stand, and Case for Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspbian 7-Inch Touchscreen - Portrait or Landscape Styles, Transformable into a Tablet, Ventilation Grills, Full IO Port Access, and Clearance for Jumper Wire Use

Raspberry Pi 4 Touchscreen Stand

3D Printable Weatherproof Case for Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Sensor - Rugged and Protective Design for Harsh Environments, Ideal for Outdoor Enthusiasts, Professionals, and Hobbyists

Weatherproof RPi 4 HQ Camera Case

Metal Frame 3D Printer Enclosure with 20/20 Aluminum Extrusions, 120mm PC Fan, and Carbon Filter Mount for Improved Ventilation - Protect and Enhance Your 3D Printing Setup

3d Printer Enclosure - Metal Frame

Cable Organization and Storage Solution - Effortlessly Wind Up Cables with Inner and Outer Ring Mechanism

Cable Storage

4-Inch Ducting Adapter for 3D Printer Enclosures - Compatible with Inline Fans, Carbon Filters, and HEPA Filters, Mounts on 1/8-Inch Panels, Offers Venting Flexibility

Enclosure Ducting Adapter

Adapter ID: 30mm - Hardware: M3 x 0.5mm x 20mm Socket Head Screw and M3 x 0.5mm Nut

Hotshoe Flashlight Adapter

Joy-Con Controller Mount Shaped like Xbox Controller for Comfortable Nintendo Switch Gaming - Holds Two Joy-Con Controllers

JoyCon Controller Grip

3D-printed NanoVNA-H case with SMA tool storage and stylus lock

NanoVNA-H Case

Plant Trays for Nursery Pots up to 5.5" - Raised Ridges for Even Runoff, Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Gardening

Plant Trays

RTL-SDR 20/20 Mounts

Robust 20/20 Aluminum Extrusion Tablet with Universal Multi-Mounting Solution - Easy Access to Raspberry Pi IO Ports and SD Card, Integrated Mounts for Raspberry Pi 7-Inch Touchscreen, Raspberry Pi 4, and Raspberry Pi HQ Camera

Raspberry Pi 4 Multi Mount Tablet

3D Printable Pagoda-Style Case for Raspberry Pi Zero W and BME280 Sensor - Optimal Airflow, Weather Protection, and Customizable Roof for Expanding Your Weather Station

Raspberry Pi Zero-W Weather Station

Wooden Rod Holder Parts for 1 3/8" Diameter Rods - Enhanced Stability for Longer Rods with #8, 1" Flat-Headed Wood Screw Hardware

Wood Rod Wall Mount

DIY 3D Printer Enclosure with 1"x 1" Wooden Dowels - Sturdy, Cost-Effective, and Ideal for Home Printing and Assembly

3d Printer Enclosure - Wood Frame

Low Poly Dog Head Dryer On/Off Knob with GE Dryer Mounting Point Attachment - Distinctive Design for Appliance Control

Dog Head Dryer Knob

DIY Filament Spool Enclosure - Home-Printable Design for Custom Material and Color Choices, Protects Filaments from Dust and Moisture for Consistent 3D Printing

Filament Enclosure

3D-Printed Cube Enclosure for 4-Inch Net Pot with Vaulted Ceiling for Stability and Integrated Irrigation Tunnels for Efficient Water Flow

Hydroponic System

Modular Floor Registers in Three Styles with Angled Vents, Shoe Drying Capabilities, and Block Off Caps - Versatile Options, Including Dual Diffuser System for Shoe Drying Model

Modular Floor Registers

Modular and Customizable Open-Frame 3D Printable Computer Design for Personal Computer Stations, Test Benches, and Hot-Swappable Workstations

Open Frame Computer

PVC and 3D-Printed Plant Trellis for Space-Efficient Vertical and Horizontal Growing - Instructions for 3ft Version in a 2ft x 2ft x 4ft Grow Tent, Scalable Design, Optional Wood Floor for Airflow and Mason String Attachments for Quick Disassembly and Cleanup

Plant Trellis

3D Printable Frame, Stand, and Case for Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspbian 7-Inch Touchscreen - Portrait or Landscape Styles, Transformable into a Tablet, Ventilation Grills, Full IO Port Access, and Clearance for Jumper Wire Use

Raspberry Pi 3 Touchscreen Stand

Raspberry Pi 4 SDR Case

Device Cooling Solution with Aerodynamic Chamber and Heat Sink - Enhances Performance by Dissipating Thermal Load and Preventing Overheating in Desktop Mode

Smartphone Cooler

3D Printable Charging Station for Apple MagSafe Charger, Apple Watch Version 1 and 2 - Adjustable Positions for Device Display and Foldable for Portability

iPhone, Apple Watch Charging Station

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