Innovative Axis was created to provide access to DIY additive manufacturing projects and free STL models. We would like anyone with an additive manufacturing machine to have the ability to create functional and unique designs.


Every project and free STL file are catered towards additive manufacturing. Each part is tested for printing ability with a major focus on reducing the need for supports. Projects include assembly instructions and printing guides to help guide you through the process of successfully printing and assembly. If the project you're interested in requires separate hardware make sure to check out the "Required Hardware" button at the bottom of each project page for a list of links to each part. 

Suggestions for new projects or free STL files are always welcome. Please feel free to send these and any other questions or concerns you may have to

If you would like to help support Innovative Axis please consider donating towards the development of new and exciting projects. Every dollar will go towards printer maintenance, printer repair, filaments and project hardware.